Dilophoraptor is Jurassic Park's Dilophosaurus-Velociraptor hybrid dinosaur from Project DNA's secret lab in Mesozoic Islands. They have some distinct features of the two dinosaurs.


Dilophoraptor is a 6-ft black dinosaur. They have frills and 2 crescent-shaped range crests. They have sickle claws in their feet, and big claws in their hands. They are intelligent and can jump high. They can spit venom to paralyze and weaken their prey.


Dilophoraptor live in packs, led by an alpha male, which Has a bigger frill, crests, and body. They hunt in triangle formation. When hunting, they sneak toward the prey, and when it is close enough, some Dilophoraptors spit venom to their prey's eyes and wounds. Then other Dilophoraptors make a surprise attacks: leap to the prey and bite it. The alpha male bite the prey's neck till the prey dies. Then they eat the prey together.

In Mesozoic IslandsEdit

Project DNA have 6 Dilophoraptors now. Dilophoraptors are placed in remote enclosure in secret island in Mesozoic Islands, and fed by 5 cows everyday. Because they are very dangerous, their security fence is guarded heavily and provided with security cameras and turrets.