prologue :

The irritation we're pretending not to show

Has replaced the motivation that I had not long ago

I know that

I, I don't ever want to be the one to make you forget it

I, I don't ever want to be the one to make you resent it

I, I don't ever want to be the one to make you regret it

I, I don't ever wanna be, never wanna be, never wanna be

It's the beginning of the end

And I don't know where we lost control

It's the beginning of the end

And I know that I am all alone

Interrogation has replaced the trust we had

Your misguided accusations helping me to turn my back

I know that

I, I don't ever want to be the one to make you divide it

I, I don't ever want to be the one to make you deny it

I, I don't ever want to be the one to make you deprive it

I, I don't ever wanna be, never wanna be, never wanna be

It's the beginning of the end

And I don't know where we lost control

It's the beginning of the end

And I know that I am all alone

I thought that we would find our way

I thought our life would be okay

I thought that you believed in me

But now it seems so far away

The life we knew before is gone there is no compromising

The life you save will be your own to find your inner senses

To find your inner senses, to find your inner senses

It's the beginning of the end

And I don't know where we lost control

It's the beginning of the end

And I know that I am all alone

It's the beginning of the end

And I don't know where we lost control

It's the beginning of the end

And I know that I am all alone

(in the arctic)

(there is a ship called the "dream boat" , arriving at the harbor)

captain : we have reached our destination , preparing operation cleanup

(some of the ship's crew exits the ship , moving toward old nuclear reactors , but on the ship , the geiger counter squeals)

1st mate : um , sir , you might wanna take a look at this

(suddenly , the sea begins to boil beneath the dream boat)


(the sea erupts , and the ship is heaved in to the air , and disappears in a fiery explosion)

(the crew stumbles blindly through the chaos , grasping for deck rails)

captain : i can't see anything

1st mate : look at that , it can't burn , THE SNOW CAN'T BURN

(a fissure opens in the glacier , still expanding)

crew member : oh my god


crew member : it's bleeding

(red and black fluid steams in the chill arctic air , turning the ocean blood red)


(later on)

(the justice league is at the arctic outpost , investigating the fissure)

flash : .... and did you see where the red stuff came out from

worker : well , not exactly , all i know is it came from the fissure

(meanwhile , down at the bottom of the fissure is a cavern in which is batman , green lantern , superman , and martian manhunter)

batman : anything new develop

scientist : well , we ran some tests , and this fluid appears to resemble amniotic fluid

green lantern : amniotic fluid , like in a womb

scientist : well , not really , there's some complex compounds , and a heavy barbiturate presence , we think

superman : (from another part of the cavern) um , batty , you might wanna come take a look at this

(batman and green lantern head to where superman is , and find a sight that wows them both , a massive lizard with spines on it's back)

martian manhunter : we assumed it was another cavern

superman : but we were wrong

batman : a cavern made of skin

superman : apparently so , and pretty tough skin i might add , even my laser eyes couldn't break a sample off

green lantern : this is incredible

batman : the preservation is extraordinary , mammoths and the like found frozen show much more decay , even the alps ice man

green lantern : how big is this thing

superman : 400 feet

martian manhunter : it has a tail , but how long that is , we can't tell yet

batman : 400 feet , so much for seismosaurus and ultrasaurus , it is a dinosaur isn't it

superman : we think

(behind them , unnoticed , there is movement , the monster's eyelid opens , 10 feet across , the pupil dilates , then focuses , and batman turns and sees it)

batman : everybody , get down

green lantern : what , why

batman : just do it

(the beast's head moves , and claws tear out of the ground , 1 whole section of wall undulates and we become aware that the monster's tail is wrapped around the entire cavern , the monster's mouth closes , then opens again , and fire fills the cavern , and there is a distinctive roar , on the surface , with wonder woman , aquaman , and flash , they feel the earth shake , and see the monster rise from the ground , but before they can react , they are crushed under debris as the monster heads off , however , elsewhere in the arctic , another fissure opens , and a reptilian hand comes out)

(a little later , at the taki islands , northeast of japan)

(a hurricane is occurring as villagers batten down for the storm , but a single villager , named tatsuo comes out , with his wife following)

tatsuo's wife : (in japanese) don't go out there , you'll drown

tatsuo : (in japanese) without a boat , i have no life

(tatsuo's wife goes back inside as tatsuo heads for the docks , but then , something rises from the waves , the monster from before , which comes ashore on the island)

tatsuo : (in japanese) it cannot be .... gojira

(other villagers see the beast , some run , some freeze , some race for the refuge of trees behind the village , the beast looms , 1 4-clawed hand reaches down , and scoops up the entirety of the day's catch and tosses it into it's gaping mouth , past enormous sharp teeth , it's head then turns toward the village , tatsuo sees his wife)

tatsuo : (in japanese) RUN

(she doesn't hear , and the monster's foot comes down , crushing the house , the monster's tail drags across the village , causing more destruction , it reaches for the windswept forest behind the village , scoops a huge furrow in the ground , uprooting a entire copse of trees , the monster raises it to it's mouth and 2 villagers who were hiding shake loose , plummet to the ground , the monster gulps down the trees , it moves back toward the ocean , then pauses , cranes it's head back , looking up into the sky , searching for something , the clouds blow apart briefly , revealing the night sky , empty save for twinkling stars , the clouds close , lightning crackles , the monster roars , then goes to all 4s , and dives in to the sea)

(a year later)

(a car is driving down the road , and pulls up at a institute , and when it parks , the eds come out)

eddy : i still can't believe you never told us you have japanese heritage

edd : yes eddy , you've said it a million times , you don't need to keep reminding me

Ed: how do you say cool in japanese Eddy?

eddy : beats me

Ed: I thought you were japanese . . .

eddy : not me , lumpy

Ed: then who's japanese?

(eddy facepalms)

eddy : have you seriously not been paying attention

Ed: it was Edd?

edd : YES

Ed: uuuh, double d? what's the japanese word for cool?

edd : (in japanese) cool

Ed: ah, kuru

(the eds walk in to the institute)

edd : hello , we're here to visit mr. tatsuo

Ed: hi

(the receptionist checks her computer for tatsuo)

receptionist : ah , you're in luck , just take a left at the main hall , walk at least 10 feet , and you'll find him

they go the way*

(they find a garden , and see tatsuo staring toward the ocean)

edd : that's him

Ed: hi tatsuo

edd : (in japanese) he says hello

(tatsuo doesn't respond)

edd : (in japanese) still thinking about that thing you thought you saw

tatsuo : (in japanese) a storm killed my wife , and i am a crazy man that no1 believes

ed: what are they saying?

edd : ever since his home was destroyed , he's been convinced that a dragon did it

Ed: ok, he could rebuild it though.

edd : i don't think that was the point at all

eddy : can i try talking to him

edd : alright , be my guest

(eddy clears his throat)

eddy : so , mr. tattoo (in japanese) the piece of cheese was running through the forest , but the cyclops captured him anyway , (in english) did i say the wrong words

edd : yeah , you definitely said the wrong words , i'll talk to him , (in japanese) what my friend was trying to say was , do you know anything about this dragon you think wrecked your village

tatsuo : (in japanese) well , it was about the size of a skyscraper , and had a row of spines running down it's back

ed (with edd translating) : every culture has myths about dragons , the midgard serpent , quetzacoatl , the dragon that sleeps at the heart of the world , only i don't think they're just stories

edd : (in japanese) dad even wrote a book about it (pulls out a paperback and hands it to tatsuo , who turns it over , the title is "the waking dragon" , the cover is a old wood print of a dragon , it vaguely resembles the monster that attacked tatsuo's village , tatsuo then opens the book to a photo , a aztec hieroglyph of quetzacoatl , which again resembles the monster , then flips through more pages , but stops at a particular page , which has a assyrian carving of a dragon and a turtle , locked in combat) (in japanese) i believe in dragons too

(tatsuo stands up and hurries off , with the eds following , then goes in to a cottage , and looks around conspiratorially , loosening a floorboard)

tatsuo : (in japanese) the doctors would take these if they knew (reaches in to a space beneath the floor , and digs out sheaves of paper , which have drawings of the monster , hundreds of them)

edd : (translating what tatsuo is saying) he says he dreams of it , remembers stories from his grandfather , about the "people before people" , stories about ....

(tatsuo holds up a drawing , with japanese katakana characters for the word "godzilla")

tatsuo : gojira

eddy : has that name ever been indexed

edd : actually yes , in 1928 , atkinson translated the characters as "godzilla" (notices a particular drawing , of godzilla and a tusked turtle breathing fire at eachother) the adversary

(eddy checks his new watch)

eddy : ok , not that this isn't cool and all , but it's getting pretty late

(edd picks up the drawing , folds it up , and puts it in his pocket)

edd : yeah , but 1st , we should probably put these drawing back

(the eds and tatsuo put the drawings back under the floor)

edd : (in japanese) well , see ya next year , i guess

tatsuo : (in japanese) goodbye , my nephew

ed and eddy : uhhh , nomustay , or something , no wait , is it sionahra

edd : you mean sayonara

eddy : that too

Ed: now what?

edd : were you not listening

Ed: oh, sorry

(meanwhile in jump city)

beast boy and cyborg are playing video games*

(outside , the sun rises , and something in the water approaches the city)

Beast Boy: hey whats that in the water out there? *goes out and checks it out*

(he sees a row of spines moving through the water)

Beast Boy: 0-0 hey what's that in the water?

(after passing by the titans tower , the object rises from the water , revealing itself to be godzilla , who then enters jump city and wreaks havoc)

Beast Boy: uh, guy's, there's some lizard thing outside

Cyborg: what is it?

beast boy : it looks like a upright dinosaur with spines on it's back they go to beat it up*

(their blows go unnoticed by the monster king)

they continue battle*

(when godzilla does notice , he just swats them away and continues his rampage)

they attack him*

(their attacks still don't work , and godzilla eventually heads in to the ttg version of jump city)

(in the ttg titans tower)

robin : crime alert , a monster is terrorizing jump city

cyborg : titan robot assemble

(the ttg titans enter the titan robot)

ttg beast boy : left arm , power on

ttg raven : right arm , power on

ttg starfire : right leg , power on

ttg robin : left leg , power on

ttg cyborg : head , power on

all ttg titans : TITAN ROBOT GO

(the titan robot launches , and engages godzilla in combat , but after a 20 minute battle , the robot is defeated , and the ttg titans escape as godzilla's dorsal spines light up , and he fires his thermonuclear death breath , and aims it at many buildings , then slices off the top of the ttg tower island with it , then he charges up his spines again , and aims at the ttg titans , but before he can , he senses something , and burrows underground)

Beast BOy: huh? whered it go

(the tt titans arrive on the scene)

tt robin : hey , where'd the monster go

ttg cyborg : we were just wondering the same thing

(in the water , something rises from it , and , once the water drops , it reveals a giant tusked turtle , which then roars and comes ashore)


TTG bb: hey.

tt robin : as much as it'd be nice to get to know eachother , we have a situation here

they think of a plan*

tt beast boy : well , since we're not fighting anything at the .... (is cut off as tt robin's communicator rings , and he answers)

tt robin : yes , alright , we're on our way over (hangs up) it was the president , he's requesting our presence at a top secret government base

TTG BB: cool!


(in beach city)

(lars and the cool kids are hanging out when sour cream catches sight of something at sea , a tidal wave , then the others see it and make a run for it , and the wave crashes on to land , and the citizens of beach city make a run for it)

(when the gems see the wave , they head out and rescue the citizens 1 by 1) steven : ok , i think that's everybody

(a mass of water rises , and once the water lowers , it reveals godzilla , who wades on to land)

mr. fryman : what the

kofi pizza : what is that thing

(suddenly , the turtle shell flies by , and lands in the water , and the turtle , with it's limbs now outside it's shell , rises from the water)

garnet : (to herself) they're back

(the turtle roars , then sees the crystal temple and , in a moment of rememberance , fires a fireball at it , the gems and some citizens escape , while others are incinerated , then the turtle , believing the gems dead , inserts it's limbs back in to it's shell , then flies off)

steven : what were those things

pearl : listen steven , a long time .... (is cut off as a helicopter flies in , and a man in a black suit comes out)

man : hello , i'm with the united states government , we're gonna need you to come with us

amethyst : um , ok , but why

(at the government base)

(in a boardroom)

(the tt teen titans and ttg teen titans walk in)

tt robin : you sent for us , mr. president

president : yes , it is a matter of national security , as i'm sure you are aware , there are 2 large monsters loose in america

government agent : we've been tracking their pathway , 1 of them appears to be following the same path as the other

(a monitor shows godzilla and the turtle's trail)

president : the monsters appeared a year earlier , at the north pole , then disappeared as quickly as they came

ttg robin : they must've been the creatures that killed off the justice league

tt cyborg : alright , we'll help deal with it

tt robin : yeah , but those things are massive , we might be lucky to only come out with minor injuries

president : that is why we've brought in a little help

(2 large metal doors open , revealing the crystal gems , spongebob , patrick , mr. krabs , squidward , sandy , plankton , the wattersons , the eds , and even beavis and butthead)

ttg cyborg : now this is a army

government agent : and most of them have had their hometowns destroyed by the lizard monster

ttg robin : um (points to beavis and butthead) why are those 2 here

president : (whispering to ttg robin) these kinds of jobs can get very stressful , besides , they once saved america from a deadly virus

beavis : um , he , so when do we get the magazines and stuff , hm he he

president : we told them they'd get adult magazines if they came with us

butthead : uhhh , so when do we get to score , uh uh uh uh

president : and we said they could "score"

(beavis and butthead see tt raven)

butthead : uhhh , hey baby , uh uh uh uh

tt cyborg : (to the eds) so what's your story

eddy : well ....

(flashback to earlier in the day)

past eddy : ok , we need to make this good

past edd : alright

past eddy : good , now , move the camera a little to the left

(edd does so)

past eddy : ok , now

eddy : (narrating) and that's when it happened

past edd : um , eddy

past eddy : what (looks behind him , and sees godzilla looming over the hill , and godzilla roars , and walks through the hill , burying the eds in rocks , then godzilla heads in to peach creek , and lays waste to it)

(the flashback ends)

eddy : and then , this big turtle thing came and got us out of the rocks , and then the government guys came and brought us here

president : ok , now that that's out of the way , i suppose we should get back to business at hand

government agent : we called for your help in case our next plan of attack fails , the lizard monster has been spotted in the nevada desert , and 1 of our best military squadrons has been sent to deal with it

(on the monitor , said military squadron is in the nevada desert)

tt robin : those weapons are conventional , those men and women are gonna get slaughtered

government agent : trust me , that squadron has survived many battles

(in the nevada desert , the squadron stops in front of a small hill)

soldier : that's funny , the monitor says the creature is right here

soldier 2 : that thing must be busted

soldier 3 : probably

soldier 1 : i'm telling you , it's right here

soldier 2 : where

(suddenly , part of the hill moves , but then turns into scales , then it's revealed that it was really godzilla , who then turns his normal color scheme)


(godzilla fires his atomic ray , incinerating most of the vehicles , then the remaining vehicles open fire on him , but he crushes them as well)

government agent : WE'RE DOOMED

(tt cyborg slaps the agent)

tt cyborg : get a hold of yourself , man

government agent : you're right , i'm sorry

president : now is the time to put our bonus plan in to action

tt robin : right , but even this won't be enough , we'll need to make a few stops

president : good luck , we're counting on you

beavis : um , he , we're just gonna watch tv

gumball : you don't care about the world

butthead : that was really cool when that dinosaur destroyed those tanks and jeeps and stuff , uh uh uh uh

tt beast boy : would you do it if raven agreed to score with you

butthead : whoa , we're gonna score

(tt beast elbows tt raven , who sighs)

tt raven : you can score with me if you help us

butthead : cool , uh uh uh uh

beavis : WE'RE FINALLY GONNA SCORE , hm he he

tt robin : ok , let's go

they go on their way to do their plan*

(for a few hours , the group stops at the lairs of both the tt and ttg versions of slade , killer moth , brother blood , the hive five , the brotherhood of evil , the titans east , rose wilson , dr. light , and even some villains from ttg)

tt robin : ok , next stop , charles manson maximum security prison

(the group heads there)

tt beast boy : um , why are we here , there's nobody any of us know here

tt robin : maybe not people you know , but 4 people i know

(the tt titans , ttg titans , crystal gems , and the hive five walk in to the prison)

tt robin : hello , robin of the teen titans , i'm goona need 4 of your prisoners for important matters

(at the cell room , a guard pulls a lever , which opens 4 cells , out of 1 comes a man in a hockey mask wielding a machete)

(the hive five gasps)

jinx : jason voorhees

(out of another cell comes a man in a white captain kirk mask wielding a butcher knife)

(the crystal gems gasps)

steven : michael myers

(out of another cell comes a man in a mask made of human skin wielding a chainsaw)

(the ttg titans gasps)

ttg robin : leatherface

(nobody comes out of the 4th cell)

ttg beast boy : oh , i guess that's it

guard : huh , freddy , come out

(suddenly , the song "are you ready for freddy" plays , and a severly burned man , wearing a fedora , a red and green striped sweater , a bladed glove , and some gold rapper jewelry , and carrying a boombox , which is playing the song , comes out of the cell , then throws away the jewelry and boombox)

freddy : what up , bitches

tt robin : still the jokester , i see

TTG Beast Boy: cool, so your llike a rapper? :D

freddy : not really , but i am good at rapping

tt robin : he's actually a infamous serial killer

freddy : and i was burned alive by the assholes known as "parents"

tt robin : and then he was given dream powers by 3 entities known as "the dream demons" and he became 1 of them , but anyway , (to freddy , jason , michael , and leatherface) we need you guys' help in saving the country , and possibly the world

freddy : come again

tt robin : there are 2 large creatures on the loose , and we need you guys to help us save mankind

freddy : why should i help you , i want the children of the world dead

tt robin : but , you also wanna claim the souls of everybody in the world , and there will be no souls to claim if there's no world

freddy : alright , i'm in

(jason , michael , and leatherface nod in agreement)

freddy : but there's just 1 problem , my powers only work in the dream world , and these government men pulled me out

tt raven : i can help with that

freddy : excuse me

tt raven : i can cast a spell that will allow your powers to work in the waking world for as long as it'll take to stop these creatures

freddy : um , ok , so , is it gonna hurt

tt raven : maybe a little , azarath metrion ZINTHOS (zaps freddy with a black aura , which then vanishes)

ttg robin : did it work

freddy : only 1 way to find out (fades in to the floor , and a dark shadow appears where freddy was , then slithers over to pearl , then freddy rises from it , behind pearl) i'm your boyfriend now

(pearl is startled , and falls over)

freddy : never gets old

TTG Beast Boy: nice XD

tt robin : ok , let's go , our next stop is area 51

(at area 51)

tt robin : hello , we're the teen titans , we're gonna need in here , it's a matter of national security

TT BB: yep

they let them in*

(in a laboratory)

tt robin : there , that's what we're looking for

(they're standing in front of 2 large metal doors , and tt robin enters a passcode which causes the doors to open , and 2 glowing eyes are seen , which are revealed to belonged to a masked humanoid creature holding a chain , which has a black long headed creature tied to it)

tt robin : everybody , meet nordic and vlad , they belong to 2 species known as xenomorphs and yautjas , otherwise known as "aliens" and "predators" , me and batman had a run in with nordic while battling the joker , and vlad is the last living member of it's hive

Spongebob: Ooo, it'll help us?

Squidward: of coarse it will barnacle head!

TT BB: less name calling more getting ready for battle!

TT Cyborg: YEAH

tt robin : not yet , 1st , we have to see if they'll agree (to nordic) listen , there are 2 large monsters on the loose , and we need you and vlad's help , do you agree

(10 second pause)

(after the 10 second pause , nordic hands vlad to jason , then unsheaths his wrist blades)

tt robin : i see , a test of worthyness (gets out his staff) bring it

the others are ready to batttle him*

tt robin : no , this is my fight , alone

TTG BB: ok, don't die . .

robin battles the monster*

(after a 20 minute battle , tt robin comes out on top , and he and nordic shake hands)

TTG BB: oh cool he made it!

tt robin : and he agrees to accompany us

(jason gives vlad's leash back to nordic)

tt robin : ok , 1st things 1st , we need to go to where the problem began , the north pole , if we're going to save the world , we need to know a little more about these creatures

TTG Beast Boy: right!

they go on their way to the north pole*

Spongebob: YAY were gonna see santa again!

TTG Beast Boy and Cyborg: YEAH BOI!!!

TT Cyborg: mmhmm, cool.

tt raven : geez , it's like having 8 beast boys now

TTG Raven: I agree.

[ they arrive at north pole ]

(they head down the fissure that godzilla emerged from)

tt robin : this looks like the place

TTG Beast Boy: who are we talking too?


Spongebob: I'll bet it is!


SPongebob: right! lets go get the info *serious*

TT Raven: so now the cheese guy's serious. . .

they proceed further through the cavern*

Squidward: so whos this guy were supposed to meet?

ttg robin : i don't think we're suppose to be meeting anybody

(unknown to the group , a small creature burrows in to tt beast boy's neck , but tt beast boy doesn't notice)

TTG Beast Boy: I wonder if theres any cave men in here

TTG Cyborg: we just have to look for them.

[ the idiots are looking for cavemen ]

(garnet stops them)

garnet : come on , you 2

(ttg robin steps in the red fluid)

ttg robin : i think i found a clue

tt robin : that must be the stuff that flowed out of the fissure when it opened

TTG Beast Boy: so, do we go back in time and stop it from happening?

TTG Cyborg: yeah

TT Robin: i'm afraid it's not gonna be that simple boys

TTG BB: are you sure?

TTG Cyborg: we just have to make a super stronger seal for it and then it'll never happen

TTG BB: yeah :D

TT Raven: or we could just do what we can to learn about the creatures, defeat them some how and send them back to the under world from whence it came. . . your ideas are just dumb

tt robin : agreed , but i doubt these things came from the underworld , nor would it be as simple as banishing them

TT; Raven: then what would be your ideas?

(tt robin's communicator rings)

tt robin : 1 second (answers the communicator) the dragon monster is in las vegas , there's no time to spare

TTg beast boy: dont we have to find more information?

tt robin : no time now

TTG Beast Boy: but we didn't get to see Santa

Spongebob: YEAH, he is real right?!

freddy : BOYS

TTG Cyborg: I hope we see him after

TTG Beast Boy: yeah.

they go to deal with the monster*

(in las vegas)

tt robin : ok , ravens , beast boys , crystal gems , and sea animals , you help the people , cyborgs , other robin , starfires , nordic , vlad , and murderers , we'll deal with the monster

edd : what about us

tt robin : you 5 , distract the beast while we attack from the rear Ed: ok.

(before the heroes can put their plan in to action , the turtle flies in and battles godzilla)

TT Cyborg: since when could the turtle fight

tt robin : nevermind that , right now , we'd better help the people

the hero's help the people*

(suddenly , tt beast boy faints)

[squidward is startled when he just fainted to the ground with a thud ]

Squidward: AAAH 0-0

TTG Beast Boy: 0-0 BEASTIE? *Feels him* DUDE? WAKE UP


Spongebob: oh no, is he ok?

TT Raven: beast boy, wake up, were helpinig people not fainting in the middle of important things.


[ at the government lab ]

TT Cyborg: how is he?

TT Raven: what about the pulse?

they try to feel for pulse on TT Beast boy*

Doctor: this does not look good


TTG Beast Boy: he doesn't have CANCER does he?!

TTG cyborg: or worse, is he in a cardiac arrest coma?!!

doctor : his body appears to be changing , we don't know what it is that's causing this

government agent : (to the heroes) if i could speak to you all in the lab (the heroes step out of the infirmary)

ttg beasy boy : what's up

government agent : so what did you all find out

ttg robin : not much

tt robin : but we noticed that the cavern the dragon came from appeared to be organic

edd : you know , my uncle tatsuo knows about this creature , he called it "gojira" , it means "godzilla"

ttg robin : really

edd : yes , we have some of his drawings (pulls out some drawings)

tt robin : that's amazing

butthead : uhhh , do you know where we can like , get some nachos or something , uh uh uh uh

(tt robin gets another alarm on his communicator)

tt robin : looks like your nachos will have to wait , godzilla has just exited las vegas , and is heading in the direction of seattle , TITANS GO

ttg robin : wait , somebody has to stay here with your friend

tt raven : i'll do it , you guys go ahead

garnet : alright , we know just the place

everybody except tt beast boy and the gems : huh

pearl : there's a place in nevada where we 8 laser light cannons were left behind during the rebellion

government agent : wait a minute , there's also a government base in nevada , and the creature will pass through it on it's way to seattle , luckily , we have a trump card , a robot based on 1 of the drawings mr. eddward had , we checked him when he came here with his friends , to check for anything useful

edd : he did

(the agent presses a button)

agent : activate G.I.N.O.

(at the base , a trap door opens , and a robotic monster comes out of it , and godzilla approaches it , and the robot runs toward godzilla , who fires his heat ray , but the robot jumps toward godzilla , who smacks it away with his tail , flinging it toward a building , which godzilla fires his heat ray at , incinerating it and the robot)

(at the base)

agent : i don't know why i thought that would work

pearl : so , i guess this means we can put our plan in to motion now

agent : alright , good luck

(the heroes , minus tt raven and tt beast boy , head out , and the gems lead the others to a warp pad , which takes thm to the area in the nevada desert the gems spoke of , and when they get there , they see a entire military squadron , 10000 strong , waiting for them)

soldier : the president told us you were gonna be here , so we thought you guys could use a hand

tt robin : good

(the soldiers see godzilla coming)

garnet : ok , there's no time to spare

(the gems activate a switch , which uncovers the laser light cannons)

steven : if every porkchop were perfect , we wouldn't have hot dogs

(the cannons activate , and fire at godzilla , resulting in a explosion which can be seen from space , and once the dust clears , we see everybody in the area , in a giant bubble created by steven , which then vanishes)

ttg beast boy : did it work

(the dust clears further , and the heroes see godzilla , still standing , without a single scratch , and he roars)

gumball : well , look on the bright , at least it was a epic fail that was actually epic


soldier : RETREAT

(the soldiers leave the area)

freddy : COWARDS

darwin : what do we do now

(tt robin gets another alarm on his communicator)

tt robin : the turtle is at the base godzilla was at

ttg raven : we need a new strategy

(the heroes head back to the base)

amethyst : our plan didn't work

government : yeah , we saw

ttg robin : those things are tough

gumball : i say we should just nuke 'em

agent : i wouldn't do that

gumball : why not

scientist : we exmined the dragon monster

edd : godzilla

scientist : yes , and what it's breathing isn't really fire

eddy : what about the turtle , is it breathing fire

scientist : well yes , the turtle is breathing fire , but it also breathes highly concentrated plasma , but back to godzilla , the flame starts a couple meters from godzilla's mouth , he's exhaling something that's so hot , it's actually ionizing the oxygen molecules

gumball : yeah , so

agent : given godzilla's size and speed , the amount of energy he expends , he must have a very different metabolism from most large creatures , a body chemistry that would let him eat relatively little , and breathe superheated steam ....

tt robin : like a nuclear reactor , a biological fusion reactor

nicole : you've gotta be kidding

edd : (undertsanding what tt robin is getting at) no , that's it , i'll bet a year's royalties from my father's book that some of the wreckage is radioactive

scientist : now the thing with the turtle is just as pronounced

edd : gamera

everybody except edd : huh

edd : tatsuo refers to the turtle as "gamera"

scientist : very good perspective , but anyway , we've seen "gamera" feed on fire , so it must have a similar structure as godzilla

gumball : well that's just fascinating

tt robin : listen , somehow , both of those creatures were in those wombs for a long time , something must've functioned like control rods

(another government agent realizes something)

government agent 2 : the fluid

everybody except the agents and scientist : huh

agent 2 : we assumed it was a sort of life support at 1st , but what if it's actually ....

gumball : a atomic tranquilizer

agent 2 : well that makes it sound a little silly , but yeah

agent 1 : there were barrels of that stuff on the transport

agent 2 : yes , if we can administer it , maybe even overdoes them

darwin : how do we administer it

scientist : it's got to be transdermal , they must've absorbed it directly through their skin

edd : wait a minute , who's guessing now , they were floating in that stuff , maybe , they have to breathe it for it to be effective

scientist : transdermal , i'll bet you that year's royalties , double or nothing

squidward : 1 problem , people , the delivery system , are you going to be out there with a hose when 1 of them comes stomping in to a city

scientist : if it comes to that

ttg Beast Boy: ok, but when we find a plan or do what were doing with the monster, do we get rid of it by saying you don't beleive in it?

TTG Cyborg: yeah, I did the same with scary terry, . . .he was mostly my nightmares, . . .a knock off of Christmas sweater guy.

TTG Beast Boy: HEY we can call him christmas sweater guy :D, good naming Cyborg

TTG Cyborg: booya! I am so good at naming things

TT Cyborg: . . . thats my thing dude.

ttg raven : i'm surrounded by idiots

ttg robin : well , now that that's out of the way , i suppose we should put our plan in to action

tt robin : right , and the logical step would be to go after gamera 1st , he seems to be following godzilla everywhere he goes , this should give us a advantage , where godzilla goes , gamera will go , and we'll intercept his path Gumball: is he a photographer? cause he is a "camera"

TT Raven: less puns, more focus on going after gamera

they go after gamera*

(tt raven stays behind with tt beast boy)

TT Raven: *watching tt Beast Boy*


(the rest of the group is at a military base in nevada , waiting for gamera)

ttg robin : are you sure this is gonna work , because right now , i'm beginning to think this is a safety hazard

tt robin : don't worry , we're professionals

(tt robin and ttg robin's communicators ring , and they answer)

tt robin : he's here

ttg robin : that's what beast boy said

(at the spot , gamera is flying in , and the heroes have hoses pointed in his direction)

eddy : ok , we're ready

ttg beast boy : say hi to the sandman for me , you sabre toothed freak

(the heroes all spray the red fluid at gamera , who crashes in to a hill , and weakly gets up , only to collapse)

tt cyborg : the plan worked

(some helicopters fly in and bring gamera in to the base)

TTG Beast Boy: can we go check on the other me now?

tt robin : if it makes you feel better

(tt robin's communicator rings , and he answers it)

tt raven : (over the communicator) guys , i'm gonna need you to come back , beast boy's condition is getting worse

tt robin : we're on our way

(back at the lab , in the infirmary)

(tt beast boy's condition has in fact gotten worse)

doctor : all of the large intestine is gone , along with the exocrine tissue of the pancreas , the material was used here , in restructuring the chest cavity (indicates a spidery dark structure in tt beast boy's chest) body functions necessary to immediate survival aren't affected , everything else is fair game

tt raven : impossible

doctor : apparently not , the infection is rescripting his dna , and as it changes , he changes

(the rest of the group arrives , and find that tt beast boy's condition has gotten worse like tt raven said , he has no eyes , his skull is elongated , his jaw shrunken , his ears have merged on to the sides of his head , his clavicle and shoulders have lifted , forming a protective collar around his neck , but most disconcerting is the flat , featureless expanse of skin from forehead to mouth)

tt beast boy : (weakly) who's there

tt cyborg : we got gamera

tt beast boy : is he dead

ttg cyborg : no , he's sick , but alive

tt beast boy : like me

ttg beast boy : actually , he looks a little better than you

tt beast boy : i've been having dreams , about gamera and godzilla both

tt raven : he also tells me he heard voices

tt beast boy : i keep wondering , why now , why show up now , what set their wombs off , what are they trying to do , you have to find out

tt cyborg : we need to stay here

tt beast boy : no , please , i can feel what's happening to me (drifting off) find out , keep looking (his features relax , his grip loosens , his breathing becomes regular)

tt cyborg : we'll find out , for you , beastie

(the group except for tt raven exits the infirmary)

tt raven : (to a doctor) anything new develop

doctor : well , we've found out that his circulatory system is on the verge of collapse , it simply may not be a viable life form

tt raven : what can you do

doctor : the immediate threat is liquid creating pressure on the brain stem , we have to drain it

(tt beast boy places his hand , now a claw , on to tt raven's wrist)

tt beast boy : (in a different voice) wait

(tt raven looks down on tt beast boy , who is now more alien than human , he has eyes again , huge pitch black orbs that seem to have erupted from beneath his skin , his head is disfigured , he is growing a exoskeleton , his nose is just 2 slits)

tt beast boy : (still in the other voice) there is a reason

(the doctor , frightened , backs away)

tt raven : um , guys , you might wanna come in here

(the group enters the infirmary again)

tt robin : what is it

tt raven : this might sound crazy , but i don't know if beast boy is speaking , or if whatever he's turning into is (to tt beast boy) beast boy , can you hear me

tt beast boy : (in his normal voice) it doesn't know the words yet , so i have to talk

tt cyborg : beastie , are you in pain

tt beast boy : no , it's amazing , i can see in infrared now , i think

doctor : he's in a brachycardia state , he's weakening

(tt raven takes tt beast boy's hand/claw)

tt raven : you , it , said the word "danger"

tt beast boy : war , enemy aliens , spreading through the galaxy , destroying worlds , it started on this planet

tt cyborg : what do you mean

tt beast boy : they created a monster from the genetic material of earth animals , it was designed to kill

ttg beast boy : gamera is a alien

tt beast boy : (in his other voice) no , not gamera , another

tt cyborg : godzilla

alien lifeform : (through tt beast boy) yes , godzilla was created by the enemy aliens to wipe out all life on this planet , later , the aliens would come back , when the planet was conquered

tt raven : beast boy , this creature you're becoming , where did it come from

tt beast boy : (in his normal voice) a sister planet of the hostile aliens

alien lifeform : (through tt beast boy) we needed words , needed to warn you , did not know what form life would take

doctor : so they created a virus that would reprogram dna , and transfer rna , that's amazing

tt robin : they made 1 of theirs , out of 1 of ours

(tt beast boy's body spasms , on the cardiograph , tt beast boy's heart is a weak flutter)

doctor : we're losing him

tt raven : beast boy , can you tell us , what is gamera

alien lifeform : (through tt beast boy) we and our enemies both knew how to create life , we created gamera from the genetic material of earth creatures as well

tt raven : how do we kill it

alien lifeform : (through tt beast boy) gamera will kill it , before it destroys the world

tt raven : ok , but how do we kill gamera

alien lifeform : (through tt beast boy) (weakly) can't , kill , gamera

(tt beast boy loses consciousness)


(the group exits the infirmary)

TTG Beast Boy: WHY DO WE HAVE TO LEAVE DX we have to save him! he could go insane and kill us!



Spongebob: I hope he's ok

ttg Raven: we just have to get after gamera

tt robin : we already caught him , now we just have to defeat godzilla

garnet : that alien's story wasn't too far off

everybody except garnet , amethyst , and pearl : huh

pearl : those creatures appeared during the rebellion , they both wiped out armies of gems , the monster known as godzilla would've finished us too , if it weren't for rose quartz's shield

garnet : but heven her shield wasn't strong enough to block it , in fact , it was vaporized , but we survived

pearl : we never wanted you to find out about the monsters

(tt robin's communicator rings)

tt robin : godzilla is in seattle

butthead : cool , more explosions


nicole : what is wrong with those 2

Gumball: what do you mean whats wrong with them? they like Rock n' roll! *air guitar with beavis and butthead and darwin* DUN DUN DU DUN DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU DU

TTG Beast Boy: YEAH mama cat, don't you know anything about Rock and roll?

TTG Cyborg: It's hardcore music yo!

Spongebob: ROCK N' ROLL TIME

[ the idiots play electric guitars loudley ]

TTG Beast Boy: hey that could be your stage name " mama cat " :D

tt robin : we can talk about music later

TTG Beast Boy: your right, lets defeat em monsters

TT Robin: good


(Godzilla has left Seattle in ruins, and is now in Chicago)

(back at the base)

(tt robin's communicator rings , and he answers)

tt robin : it's godzilla , he's in chicago , TITANS G.... (is cut off as a pteranodon suddenly bursts in to the base , with a sign stuck to it's beak)

tt cyborg : what in the

president : oh yeah , i probably should've told you this earlier , but there was a little "incident" in alabama , but we took care of it

(suddenly , more pterosaurs enter the base , some with scars on their bodies , and the heroes fight their way through them)

government agent 1 : good luck heroes

president : (to himself) and maybe i'll get some actual respect for once

steven : what was that

president : nothing

(the heroes head out)


(the heroes have arrived in chicago , and find a trail of destruction , but are suddenly attacked by velociraptors , and a t rex , and the heroes fight them , but before either the dinosaurs or the heroes can deliver the final blow , the dinosaurs hear something coming from the north , and they head there)

pearl : you don't think

ttg robin : it couldn't be

tt robin : i'm afraid it is , i think i just figured out what beast boy meant by "genetic material" , that thing is part raptor

ttg robin : and part t rex

ttg beast boy : but how could he have known about isla sorna or isla nublar

garnet : he must've figured out about them on his way to beach city

freddy : um , this is very interesting and all , but , we still have a job to do

(meanwhile , at the base gamera is being held at)

(gamera's eyes open , but this is unnoticed by the surveyors , then gamera lifts his left arm)

surveyor 1 : oh shit , IT'S AWAKE

(gamera stands up , crashing through the roof of the building , then inserts his legs and tail in to his shell , and fires jets from them , and takes off , heading toward chicago , where godzilla is , but just as it is at least 20 miles from the base , the persident pulls up in a jeep , and is surprised to see the holding cell in ruins , then he sees a scientist on the ground , having been knocked down during the building's destruction , and the president grabs him by the collar)

president : where is gamera

scientist : he's gone , he busted himself out , i've never seen anything like it , he was like a 1 man army

(the president places the scientist back down , then gets back in the jeep , which is then driven in the direction of chicago)

(in chicago , the heroes are following godzilla's trail of destruction)

freddy : man , this fucker is quick

eddy : tell me about it

butthead : this is cool , uh uh uh uh

TTG Beast Boy: I wonder where it could go next. . .maybe tokyo

TT Cyborg: yeah, thats where our beastie met some tokyo fan girls of his. . .

TTG Beast Boy: tokyo fan girls :o They'll definetly love me! I'm one hot beastie boy!

TTG Cyborg: Yeah. . .

TTG Robin: tokyo fan girls? and where do they hang?

TT Cyborg: oh they met him near the club where he sang to them, and they never saw our beastie again

TTG Beast Boy: aww, they must miss him, I GOTTA SEE EM, I JUST GOTTA!

they continue with their work*

(just then , the president pulls up in the jeep , and gets out)

president : have you caught godzilla yet

ttg beast boy : we're working on it

(ttg raven sees something in the jeep)

ttg raven : hey wait a minute , let me see those

president : hey , that's classified

(ttg raven gets the thing , some documents , out of the van , and reads them)

ttg raven : hey guys , he never wanted to kill these creatures , he wants to use them as weapons

president : ok , you got me , but trust me , it's for the good of the american people


president : that's why i'm going to bargain with it

tt cyborg : and just how do you plan on doing that

(just then , godzilla bursts through a building , the gorillacorp headquarters , and roars)

president : oh , just in time (to godzilla) hello , great beast , i realize you have a job , but perhaps , i can help you , in exchange for your services , i can provide you with anything you need

(godzilla glares at the president , charges up his dorsal spines , and fires a heat ray at the president , vaporizing him , but the heroes get out of the way just in time)

eddy : this is why i hate politics

TTG Beast Boy: he was messed up in the head anyways, now me and Cyborg on the other hand

TTG Cyborg: we'd make good president and vice president! :D

TT Raven: enough, we need to fight godzilla.

[they attack godzilla ]

(after a 20 minute battle , godzilla has the heroes defeated)

tt mammoth : well , if this is it , i just wanna say , it's been a honor serving with all of you

ttg gizmo : same here

(all of the heroes huddle together as godzilla's spines light up , but before he can fire his heat ray , he's struck in the face by a fireball , then he looks up and sees gamera flying in , then land in the middle of the city , then roar , then he roars in response , and the 2 giants battle)

ttg robin : gamera came back

(godzilla fires his heat ray in the direction of the heroes , but gamera gets in the way at the last minute)

they watch? *

(godzilla and gamera continue their fight)

they are watching for a while till one of them wins*

(gamera inserts his legs and tail in to his shell , and flies toward godzilla , who bends over , with his dorsal spines sticking out , and gamera flies through , being sliced down the middle in the process , giving godzilla the upper hand , and once gamera pulls his legs and tail out of his shell , godzilla attacks him , eventually throwing him to the ground , bashing him around , and smashing him in to building , then slides him toward logan square , and gamera roars in agony as godzilla gets on all 4s , crawls on to gamera , bites in to his neck , and rips his throat apart , killing him , then roars in triumph)

TTG Beast Boy: aww man, Godzilla won

TTG Cyborg: I wonder how the other beast boy's doing?

amethyst : well , why don't we just fuse

garnet : even alexandrite won't be enough

steven : wait a minute , i have a idea , why don't ALL of us fuse

sandy : 1 more time

steven : think about it , the ultimate fusion of gems and non-gems , emerging to save the world from destruction

tt cyborg : ok , but how do we fuse

garnet : through a series of coordinated dance moves

freddy : (with his arms crossed , and a eyebrow raised) you want us to dance , seriously


freddy : UGH , fine

garnet : then it's settled , let's fuse

steven : and save the world

(freddy sighs)

freddy : this is so stupid

pearl : just roll with it

(all of the heroes dance , but beavis and butthead's dancing is different from the others')

steven : ok , everybody hold hands

(everybody makes physical contact with the gems , and they all form a fusion that's at least 5 feet shorter than godzilla)

mega fusion : it worked

the mega fusion attacks godzilla stomps on him*

mega fusion : ok , you asked for it (summons feddy krueger's glove , nordic's wrist blade gauntlet , jason voorhees' machete , and sprouts vlad's tail , then attacks godzilla with them , but he isn't phased , and continues his own assault)

the mega fusion continues attacking godzilla*

the battle continues*

(eventually , godzilla gains the upper hand , and the mega fusion defuses into all of the heroes again)


beavis : NO WAY , YOU DID

(beavis and butthead start fighting as godzilla charges up his heat ray , but he doesn't fire it , as he is too exhausted from the previous events and the battle with the mega fusion , so he burrows underground , sparing the heroes for the moment)


Freddy stops TTG Beast Boy*

Freddy: relax, kid, he'll be back, and when he is, we'll be ready

TTG Beast Boy: But dude, it'll be easier if we just end this!

TTG Cyborg: yeah, *forms into drill machine* yeah, we just drill down to godzilla while he's still exausted, and get him in his weakspot untill hes dead and we'll all party!

TTG Beast Boy: Yeah :D its that simple bruh!

tt robin : maybe freddy's right , we should let it be until he returns

TTG Cyborg: then how do we stop him when he comes back?

pearl : i don't know , but we'll figure something out

butthead : uhhh , now that this is like , over and stuff , i think it's time for us to score , uh uh uh uh

(beavis and butthead look over at tt raven , who is kissing ttg beast boy)

butthead : uhhh , that's suppose to be like , us scoring with her

beavis : damn it , he , we were suppose to get some

butthead : uh uh uh uh , settle down , beavis


tt cyborg : hey dude , calm down

beavis : SHUT UP , ASSWIPE , he , I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS , WE'RE NEVER GONNA SCORE , IT'S JUST NOT GONNA HAPPEN , he , WE'RE JUST GONNA GET OLD , (looks in the direction of freddy , jason , michael , and leatherface) LIKE THESE PEOPLE , BUT THEY PROBABLY SCORED

tt cyborg : HEY , I'M WARNING YOU , SHUT UP

beavis : (looks in the direction of tt starfire) IT'S LIKE THIS CHICK'S A SLUT , he , (looks in the direction of freddy) AND LOOK AT THIS GUY , HE'S OLD , BUT HE'S PROBABLY SCORED A MILLION TIMES

freddy : ohoh yeah


tt cyborg : ALRIGHT , THAT'S IT , NUMNUTS (tackles beavis , and the 2 fight) LITTLE SMART ELLIC PUNK


Darwin: CALM DOOOOOOOWWWN *breaks car glass windows shreik screaming*


tt robin : wait , where's vlad

(nordic becomes alarmed , but then spongebob sees something and gasps)

sandy : did you find vlad

spongebob : sort of

(the heroes see vlad in pieces , and shrieks , then spongebob kneels down and picks up part of vlad's head)

spongebob : (sobbing) i just barely got to know him , and he helped us save the world , and , and , he was a good addition to the team (looks closer) wait(pokes the head , piercing a hole in it) it's just a molted shell

ttg cyborg : so where's the real vlad

(meanwhile , at the colorado rockies , a hole has been dug in to the side of a mountain , and in a cavern that was created , a hive has been built , and a pteranodon , a dimorphodon , a velociraptor , and at least 3 humans have been stuck to the wall by the stuff used to make the hive , then we see vlad , now a praetorian , who sheds his shell , and emerges a queen , and then roars)

epilogue :

Have you heard what they said on the news today

Have you heard what is coming to us all?

That the world as we know it will be coming to an end

Have you heard, have you heard?

He sees them in the distance when the darkened clouds roll

He could feel tension in the atmosphere

He would look in the mirror, see an old man now

Does it matter they survive somehow

They said there's nothing can be done about the situation

They said there's nothing you can do at all

To sit and wait around for something to occur

Did you know, did you know?

As he stares across the garden looking at the meadows

Wonders if they'll ever grow again

The desperation of the situation getting graver

Getting ready when the wild wind blows

Have you seen what they said on the news today

Have you heard what they said about us all

Do you know what is happening to just every one of us

Have you heard, have you heard?

There will be a catastrophe the like we've never seen

There will be something that will light the sky

That the world as we know it, it will never be the same

Did you know, did you know?

He carries everything into the shelter not a fuss

Getting ready when the moment comes

He has enough supplies to last them for a year or two

Good to have because you never know

They tell us nothing that we don't already know about

They tell us nothing that is real at all

They only fill us with the stuff that they want

Did you know, did you know?

He's nearly finished with the preparations for the day

He's getting tired; that'll do for now

They are preparing for the very worst to come to them

Getting ready when the wild wind blows

He sees the picture on the wall, it's falling down

Upside down

He sees a teardrop from his wife roll down her face

Saying Grace

Remember times they had, they flash right through his mind

Left behind

Of a lifetime spent together long ago

Will be gone

They've been preparing for some weeks now

For when the crucial moment comes

To take their refuge in the shelter

Let them prepare for what will come

They make a tea and sit there waiting

They're in the shelter feeling snug

Not long to wait for absolution

Don't make a fuss; just sit and wait

Can't believe all the lying,

All the screens are denying

That the moments of truth have begun

Can't you see it on the T.V.?

Don't believe them in the least bit

Now the days of our ending have begun

Say a prayer when it's all over

Survivors unite, all as one

Got to try and help each other

Got the will to overcome

I can't believe all the lying

All the screens are denying

That the moments of truth have begun

Can't you see it on the T.V.?

Don't believe them in the least bit

Now the days of our ending have begun

When they found them, had their arms wrapped around each other

Their tins of poison laying near by their clothes

The day they both mistook an earthquake for the fallout

Just another when the wild wind blows