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THIS Story takes place on Isla Pableto an InGen owned island but was abandoned for very good reasons.The characters of this story are all close friends.There a many dinosaurs that want to eat them for lunch.

                                 CHAPTER 1

"Lets go!!!!"said Colin."Were comin were comin!!!!!"said Lucas."Well hurry up!!!"said Colin."Ok were here."said Mitchell."Ok lets load up."said Colin."Ok."said Lucas,Mitchell,and Alexis.(Five Minutes Later)."Ok were are approaching the Island."said the Pilot."Good."said Colin."Weird."said the Pilot."What is it."said Colin."InGen hasn't contacted the Helicopter yet."said the Pilot."Huh that is weird."said Colin."AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"said Alexis."What."said Colin."I thought I saw a Pteranadon!!!!!"said Alexis.*BUMP!!!!!!.*"What the hell was that?"said Lucas."I think that was the Pteranadon."said Colin."I got him"said Lucas.*Lucas pulls out a 9mm pistol and starts firing holes into the Pteranadon's right wing and the Pteranadon pokes a hole in the fuel tank which then proceeds to drift into the helicopters afterburners and made the helicopter go faster by catching on fire which shook the Pteranadon off the helicopter.*"We have to land on that helipad over there"said the Pilot."Ok"said Colin.*The helicopter lands on the helipad.*"Ok let me check my InGen multi-tasking watch,let me check what the Island looks like and...."said Colin."What... what is it!!!!!"said Alexis."This isn't Isla Nora"said Colin."Then where are we."said Alexis."Were on Isla Isla Pableto."said Colin.